Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Full-service Restaurant?

We apparently offer full-service and a varied menu here on the bluff.  Around noon today, the squirrel was back, making his almost-daily mess on the back deck as he shredded hickory nuts for a midday snack.  He leaves sharp shards of "shrapnel" in the wake! 
He seems to be saying, "I was minding my own business...
having a midday snack, when she snapped this
most unflattering picture of my backside!"
This little stinker (or one of his buddies) comes to this spot
nearly every day and makes a royal mess!
Now who is gonna "bus this table"?!  He leaves the same mess every time!
There was a woodpecker at the suet cake - not sure if he's a "Hairy" or a "Downy"...but he was having a great lunch.  And then, there were these two cute male Purple Finches, chowing down on black sunflower seeds from the bird feeder.  I loved that they were in tandem - and even looked away at the same time!
Cold, dreary day here...but the wildlife is active and entertaining!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Look at the Birdie!

At least once a winter, I find myself sitting at the big picture windows in our living room and staring at our bird feeder and a suet cake that hangs in a hickory tree near our deck.  Today has been that day! 

I ventured out to fill the feeder earlier.  Temps are in the mid-20s, but for the first time in several days, we have had a touch of sun - and no ice or snow.  More is forecast for tomorrow...and I have to wonder if the birds know something about this, because they seem to be doing the avian version
of "rushing to the store for milk and bread"!
 For a few days now, we've enjoyed the visits of Pine Warblers...beautiful yellow-headed males and their less colorful mates - their striped tales and wings providing a vivid contrast to the sunny hue atop their heads.  Sadly, they are not the friendliest of birds and prefer NOT to share at the feeder with frequent squabbles ensue.  Wings fly and other birds dart and dash and hope to sneak a few seconds - and a black sunflower seed - in the process!
The Purple Finches - a favorite of my grandmother's - have delighted with their subtle reds and muted burgundy tones.  And then there was the sweet fat Mourning Dove that waddled underneath the feeder and picked up what others had dropped. She has a gentle peacefulness as she quietly collects the sunflower seeds from the grass.

I've always been a fan of the woodpeckers...both the "Downy" and the Red-bellied (which has a brilliant red head and what I suppose is a red belly!).  I was unable to get pictures today of the elusive Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and the even more shy Pileated Woodpecker who hung out in a tree just out of camera range.  Ditto for the male Cardinals that are often so prevalent...although a female did visit for awhile.
There were Wrens, Juncos, and Chickadees...and a really "regal" little Tufted Titmouse who perched atop the feeder for a while.  In all, these tiny feathered creatures gathered to remind me of God's He provides for even the least of His creatures - and how He cares so much for them that He crowns them with indescribable beauty and color in each and every feather.  
Surely the God who loves little songbirds so much - and uses them to bless my day - cares at least that much for me.  I am quite positive that this is so!  
"Look at the birds! They don’t worry about what to eat—they don’t need to sow or reap or store up food—for your heavenly Father feeds them. And you are far more valuable to him than they so...and I am thankful for the chance to spend an hour with Him appreciating His handiwork."  - Matthew 6:26 (The Living Bible)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Humpty-Dumpty Rap

Our little graduate!

Timothy with his mom and sister Zola

Our little will be a few years before he goes to pre-K!

Timothy graduated from pre-K tonight.  His class performed this "Humpty-Dumpty Rap" as part of the program.  It's a hoot!  Timothy is in the plaid shirt.  He gave himself a haircut a few weeks ago and had to have a complete "buzz" job.  He doesn't look like the same kid...but he's still adorable!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Sunday Picnic in the Park

We got a wonderful break from the wintry weather today, so we took full advantage of it after church.  We hit the McDonald's drive-thru and got lunch, then headed to DamSite park to the playground and adjoining pavilion, where we spread out our lunch and enjoyed a "picnic" of sorts.  It was still in the upper 50s/low 60s as we ate, so we wore our coats for awhile.  But by the time we left the park playground, we were down to shirt-sleeves. 

The kids had so much fun sliding, running, swinging, and playing.  Timothy made a pretend "campfire" with sticks and twigs, and we got longer sticks and "roasted marshmallows" (leaves on the end of our sticks).  We made pretend s'mores...and I've promised the kids some real ones very soon.

Zola learned how to get into the swings by herself today - the ones lowest to the ground.  She slides one leg over (with much effort), then straddles the strap before swinging her other leg over, straightens herself in the seat...and Voila!  She is ready to swing!  She also has mastered sliding down backward - and upside down!  She is one tough cookie!!!

Hopefully the kids got enough fresh air and burned off plenty of energy.  This pretty weather won't last, according to the we tried to fill their little "tanks" full today to last them most of the week!




Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kicking Off Spring Break with a "Two-Sleep" Visit and Some Toy Trains!

I picked up Timothy from school Friday afternoon and brought him to our house for a weekend visit.  He calls it "two sleeps" because he does get to spend two nights.  A long-time friend of Greg's family, Tom Moore, has been telling Greg that he has a big electric train set in his basement, and that Greg should bring Timmy over to see it.  So Saturday morning, Greg arranged a visit, and off "the boys" went!   They also took a side trip to Ace Hardware to look for weed killer, and I think Timmy enjoyed that nearly as much as the trains.  But then, he likes anything he gets to do with his Uncle Greg!

So the trains were a big hit, and Timothy got to wear the "engineer's cap" and even run the controls a bit.  When he returned home, he immediately wanted to take off his clothes and get back into his pajamas for the rest of the day!


After dinner, Timmy arranged all of his buckets and containers and created a "drum set".  We even got out his tambourine.  Two plastic spoons were his "drumsticks," and he had great fun performing for me.  The "everyone" he refers to in the first segment are his imaginary friends who are playing with him!

Timmy really needs a hair cut, but we are trying to hold off until a little closer to Easter, because his hair grows so fast.  We washed it Saturday night and dried it and had him looking all nice...and when he awoke Sunday, this was what we had!*lol*  It took some WORK to get it looking good again for church, but he's cute anyway!