Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kicking Off Spring Break with a "Two-Sleep" Visit and Some Toy Trains!

I picked up Timothy from school Friday afternoon and brought him to our house for a weekend visit.  He calls it "two sleeps" because he does get to spend two nights.  A long-time friend of Greg's family, Tom Moore, has been telling Greg that he has a big electric train set in his basement, and that Greg should bring Timmy over to see it.  So Saturday morning, Greg arranged a visit, and off "the boys" went!   They also took a side trip to Ace Hardware to look for weed killer, and I think Timmy enjoyed that nearly as much as the trains.  But then, he likes anything he gets to do with his Uncle Greg!

So the trains were a big hit, and Timothy got to wear the "engineer's cap" and even run the controls a bit.  When he returned home, he immediately wanted to take off his clothes and get back into his pajamas for the rest of the day!


After dinner, Timmy arranged all of his buckets and containers and created a "drum set".  We even got out his tambourine.  Two plastic spoons were his "drumsticks," and he had great fun performing for me.  The "everyone" he refers to in the first segment are his imaginary friends who are playing with him!

Timmy really needs a hair cut, but we are trying to hold off until a little closer to Easter, because his hair grows so fast.  We washed it Saturday night and dried it and had him looking all nice...and when he awoke Sunday, this was what we had!*lol*  It took some WORK to get it looking good again for church, but he's cute anyway!