Monday, December 29, 2008

Winding Down Another Year

Christmas has come and gone, we've braved a couple of ice storms already, and it's "full steam ahead" into 2009!

As we move ahead into the new year, I have contemplated making some resolutions. I asked Greg if he was making any, and he gave me a very firm, "No!" I told him I wasn't sure if I would make any resolutions/goals this year or not. Yes, I would like to get in better shape and keep us eating better and more healthy. Yes, I would like to finish some of the countless projects I have started - and start a few more! Yes, I would love to buy all the right antiques/collectibles and sell each one for a tidy profit!

But realistically, the future is completely uncertain - meaning, we don't know what adventures lie ahead... but we are ready for them! I'm not making any hard, fast plans, because I want to take life as it comes and try not to anticipate what is around the bend. I do know we will welcome TWO new babies to the family this summer - Jasmine's baby Timothy (we think!) in May, and Natalie, Darrell and Olivia's baby in early July. So that will be exciting.

I do hope we will eat better and exercise more. I do hope a few pounds will fall off... and a few projects will be completed. We are already anticipating some upcoming auctions and hoping to find great avenues for selling our treasures.

But mostly, we are hoping to enjoy each day to the fullest. We are hoping to spend time with family and friends, do what we do (and more) to serve God and our church, and enjoy this wonderful area in which we live. Will there be bumps in the road? More than likely. Will we be up to the challenges that come? Hopefully - and prayerfully! Are we looking forward to what the new year will bring? Absolutely! We hope you are doing the same. May God bless you and yours richly in 2009.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Robus Christmas 2008

Here are some pictures I took of the kids today at the Robus Christmas. I only got one of David Lee, and Chase was a "moving target," but I managed to get a few good ones. There are a couple of pretty funny ones of Chase - and they are not mis-takes... he POSED for them! He can do some pretty amazing things with his eyes!!!

The girls are Caitlyn - age 8 (red Santa shirt), Erin - age 10 (blue striped shirt) and Mecayla -age 12 (pink shirt). Click on any photo to enlarge your view!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

On a Cold December Night...

Yes, that is the MOON on top of our lighted tree, which Greg has positioned on the bluff behind our house. The moon is full, close, and beautiful at dusk - even without the tree. Leave it to Greg to think of snapping this shot!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Annual Children's Christmas Program at Church

Today was the day for the annual Children's Christmas Program at our church. The one group shot I got was a little blurry - could it be the photographer or the moving targets being captured?! At any rate, the program was great... the kids were adorable, and afterward I snagged a few pictures. Olivia was not in the mood for her photo to be taken, nor was Jude Herring. His sister Abigail, who was holding him, said, "We never get a good family photo!" Bless her heart... I think Jude had had it... he made a very brief cameo as "Jesus the child" late in the program, but that just was not what he wanted to do this morning, so I feel lucky he sat still long enough to get something in focus!

The angels with Olivia are her friends, Maygan and Payton Jarvis. You only see the side of Payton's head, but she was a cutie. I think this may have been her first Christmas program.

This was Ladd's first year to be an angel, and he did a great job... and he posed so sweetly for my picture.

The little LaRosa baby who served as Baby Jesus this year was adorable. She looked around wide-eyed and never made a peep. There is quite a bit of speculation as to who will be NEXT year's Baby Jesus, as several women in our congregation are expecting in 2009. Regardless of who gets the coveted spot, I know the program will be as cute as ever!