Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013 is "In the Bag"...

... and a good time was had by all! We were glad that Granny and Pap-pa Lee got home from Kentucky to be with us for our Christmas Day celebration. We ate a big meal, then opened stockings and watched the little ones open their presents. Timothy and Zola had a hard time waiting until we were finished eating, but they were pretty good... all things considered. We had to laugh as we looked through the pictures of opening stockings and gifts... every few shots there was one of Timothy eating chocolate. He must have eaten almost all of the candy in his stocking... hope he doesn't have an upset tummy tonight!

Hard to get all five of them looking at the camera at once!

Mom is saying, "Look at Uncle Greg!"

Granny and Nathan share a serious conversation.

Looks like this is pretty deep talk!

Dinner and dessert... and lots of conversation!

Maybe if I eat this ginger snap, everyone else will
be done and ready to open presents!

Waiting to open presents and watching "Rudolph".

C'mon guys... how much longer until we open presents?!

Chocolate candy was in the stocking!

Time for more chocolate...

Opening stockings is serious business!

And another piece of chocolate...

He ought to be about done with the chocolate!

The trucks and cars were a big hit with both boys!

Watching Zola unwrap her elephant doll.

It's Timmy's turn to unwrap a gift!

Lightning McQueen pajamas!!!

"Tie-dyed" pajamas for the girls!

Not sure who is helping who here!

This pretty much sums up the night... it looked like
a bomb went off in the living room... but it surely was fun!

Not sure who was more excited over Mr. Potato Head...
Zola or Timothy... he was really tickled with her gift!

Zola got butterfly wings and a princess wand!

Nathan and his life-sized bear pillow!

Timothy got a dinosaur pillow pal from Granny and Pap-pa Lee.

Not sure what the kids are telling Granny and Pap-pa Lee,
but I'm sure it was very important and interesting!

Grandma "E" and Nathan learn to play his xylophone.

Zola and her PawPaw

Timothy figures out how to load his nerf disk gun.
The kids are obsessed with these soft Christmas blankets.
We have two of them, and Timmy and Zola love them!
2012 on left - 2013 on right.  We've changed!!!

2012 on left - 2013 on right.  Look how the kids have grown!