Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Respite from the January Cold

We've had TWO unusually warm days for January - in between outbreaks of Arctic air that plummets temperatures to daytime highs in the teens and twenties... and night-time lows to single digits. So when we saw that the forecast for today was a temperature near 70, Greg said, "Let's take the kids to the park to play for a few minutes after church and lunch. The kiddos have been sick with allergies and upper respiratory troubles, so we didn't want to over-do it... and the lake breeze was a bit we didn't stay long - maybe 40 minutes altogether. AND... I discovered that last year's toboggan's will no longer do... they fit a little better than a Jewish yarmulke! So I will have to pick up bigger caps to keep on hand for future outings.

Zola and Timothy are really close...and they were both in something of a "mood" today. Timothy decided that swinging too high could result in him getting "lost...and my mother won't be able to find me." In fact, the little boy who usually will NOT stop swinging did not want to swing today... and he didn't want Zola to swing, either. Zola was perfectly happy swinging - and the higher the better - but Timothy was very worried about her getting lost. So we returned to the slides. In one video, you can hear him as he watches other people swing in the distance, and he comments that they will get lost and their mothers won't be able to find them!

Zola was very concerned about Timothy's safety as he swung out and onto a corkscrew climbing apparatus. This is the first time he has been big enough to do this...and he was very careful - and successful. But you can hear Zola admonishing him to..."Be careful, Timmy!" It's too cute. We had a great day at church, lunch at Burger King... and then the trip to DamSite Park to play. Hopefully the children did not stir any allergies along the way and we can go again when we get another warm snap!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Fun-day Sunday with Timothy and Zola

Today was beautiful, warm and sunny... the perfect day for Sunday school and church, followed by lunch at Burger King. Grandma E did not go with us today, so it was just Uncle Greg and me and Timothy and Zola.  We had a great lunch, followed by ice cream... and Timothy told us HIS rendition(s) of The Three Little Pigs.  At times, he played the role of the wolf... other times, Uncle Greg played that role.  But in one, he told us that the Wolf told the pig, "I will eat you like a bar-b-que chicken dinner!"  We really liked that one, so we tried to get him to repeat it for us.  Here's what we got...