Monday, September 24, 2007

Cats and the New Leather!

We are making progress with getting settled. We picked out furniture last week in Searcy, and the leather sectional and entertainment cabinet arrived Friday. The TV is coming tomorrow, so Greg has worked on getting all the wires and cords ready. The rest of the furniture will come this Friday, and then we can retire the card table and chairs for awhile.

Mabel and Lucy love the carpeted stairs and lie there quite often. They both love leather, and each has her own "purse" - an old leather purse belonging to our moms... a black one for Lucy and a white one for Mabel (although sometimes they trade!) - and they will spend hours on those purses. When Mabel discovered the new leather sectional, she went nuts, writhing and rubbing and wallowing on it, and inhaling the fragrance of the leather. It is very soft and the cushions are plush, and Mabel loves to lie on the back cushions and sort of sink into them.

Lucy has been on the couch, but she is not as impressed - yet! She is still pretty spooked from all the people coming in and out for work and deliveries. We know she will enjoy it once she gets her bearings better. She doesn't look spooked in the pictures, does she?!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


It's official! The moving van came Friday, September 7th, as scheduled, and by 7 p.m., we no longer lived on Elmwood Drive! Everything we own is either at the new house or in our storage building, and the Choates have started demo on the floors/walls to repaint/refloor the Elmwood house to their liking!

We are not 100% finished with this house -- have had "subs" here every day and still have painting to be done and a few other little things, plus the yard work. But we are starting to unpack some things and make it look like home in a few rooms. And so far, we love living here!

We don't have living/dining room furniture yet, and my office desk unit is still at the cabinet shop, but we are going shopping for the furniture, and the desk should be here Monday. I will be glad to get my office re-assembled!

Here are a few pictures from inside.

The cats have adapted beautifully! It's as if they always lived here, and we are so glad they are doing well. Doesn't Mabel look great against the floor and wall coloring?!