Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A lot happened today! We're still in the "dog days of summer," as evidenced by this picture of our girl, Mabel, sacked out on the back porch, where it must be 150 degrees! That's a lot of fur, huh?!

We started the driveway this morning. They will pour again tomorrow. It's looking good and changing the appearance of the house once again!

Today was my niece Jasmine's 17th birthday. Mom cooked dinner for her and the family. Greg and I and Mam-ma Polly were there, along with my sister Suzanne, Jasmine, Mom, and Lee. There was chicken pie and fried okra and cole slaw and home-grown green beans and mashed taters. Mam-ma made a coconut cake, and there was vanilla and black walnut ice cream! It was a FEAST! Jasmine had a great time, and we all shared a wonderful visit. Happy Birthday, "Scooter"!!!! We love you!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

More Work - More Pictures!

Subs worked, even on Saturday! With every day, we get closer to moving in, and I am ready! Two weeks from today we will be living there!!!

Backyard Visitors

This doe and 4 babies (still with spots) were in the next-door neighbor's back yard when I went out to empty the trash. They barely moved when they saw me snapping pictures!

Friday, August 24, 2007

August 24th Update

Things are shaping up nicely. I should have more photos tonight or tomorrow. The wood floors and carpet are in, and much of the tile work is finished. We're coming down to the wire!!!
These "Dog Days of Summer" are heaven on earth to our cats! They love to spend countless hours on the back porch, where it must be at least 150 degrees!!! Notice Mabel is on her "purse" -- it's leather, and she loves it. Thanks, Grandma!

We also started work on the driveway. They are supposed to start pouring concrete next Monday!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mid-August Update

There really isn't much news, but I hadn't posted in so long, so I thought I would update things. The house is continuing to take shape, but not as fast as we had originally thought, so we have postponed the moving van until September 7th. That's just one extra week. I have not taken any photos lately but will try to do that next week. Almost all of the walls have been painted and the tile men are working to get the bathrooms finished and do the kitchen backsplash. Then we can get flooring.

The driveway men are supposed to start working next week, so that should change the outside appearance dramatically.

Greg and I celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary on August 16th... we went to the new house and ate pizza in our "living room!"

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Moving at Warp Speed!

Okay, so now things are really cookin'! We are well on our way toward the August 30th move-in date. Today the "hearth" over the stove was rocked in the kitchen, and the yard was graded and made ready for a driveway. Painting continues, along with tile work, electrical wiring, plumbing, and more! It's looking more and more like a HOME!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Haven't Posted Lately...

... and I apologize. It seems like all the work that has taken place has been "undercover," so to speak, as painters move from room to room spraying - and covering things in plastic for protection. I should have new pics this week, as the tile is probably 2/3 done in the bathrooms, and the kitchen cabinets and counters are close... should have backsplash tile and rock there soon.

The painters have just about finished the trim and will start painting walls this week, I think... hardwood flooring should come the following week. We've been busy with all sorts of things, including selling our furniture. We are pretty much down to 2 wingback chairs and office chairs for sitting, and both dining tables are gone. I will probably drag out the old card table and chairs, just to have a place to sit and eat some cereal. My office furniture sold and will be picked up on Sunday, so I'm using a kitchen counter as "command central" for my laptop! My mom said, "whatever you do, please don't sell your beds!" Don't worry, Mom... that's where we draw the line!

To say the cats are confused would be putting it mildly. All of their favorite places to sleep (i.e. the couches) are GONE!!! It's pretty pathetic. But they will like their new place -- and new furniture. Something new to "fur up!"

We've penciled in our moving company for August 30th and hope to move on or around that date... maybe a few days earlier or later. It all depends on how fast these folks get finished!