Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunny Sunday + Warmer Temps = Park Time!

We finally got a break in the weather, so today after church (and lunch at Burger King!), we went to DamSite park to play.  Timothy and Zola had a wonderful time...we all did!  We played on the slides, in the "forts", and on the swings.  Timothy chased geese that were waddling along in the grass nearby, and he "imagined" monsters were chasing him in the trees.  Best of all, he played with sticks and pine needles...that boy loves a stick!  (Don't all boys?!)

Zola was most content to swing.  She probably spent more than 30 minutes in the swing and had a major meltdown when it was time to leave.  But I bet she was asleep within 30 minutes of arriving at home...she had played hard and was really tired. 

The weatherman says more cold air will arrive next weekend, so we were glad for this respite...and the warm days that are forecast to follow.  Old Man Winter may not be gone for good, but we enjoyed his mid-February "vacation"!

The kids were pretending to be little kitty cats!
Did I mention that Timothy LOVES pine needles?!

Timothy is one melodramatic kid!  He was pretending to be
"lost in the woods," and this was his lament...
well, part of it! And the Oscar goes to... Timothy,
starring in "I'm Lost! Oh, why...WHY?!"

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

1, 2, 3...JUMP!

Zola came for a visit last weekend, and her favorite thing to do was to jump from the ottoman into Uncle Greg's arms!  Enjoy!!!

Lucy watch...I jump!

Shine Bright Like a Diamond - First February 2014 Ice Storm

Once again, we have been through a "wintry mix" that started on Sunday, February 2, with freezing rain, sleet, and about a half inch of snow in our neighborhood - more accumulation just north and west of us.  Then "Round 2" began on Tuesday morning with more sleet and freezing rain.  It ended last night, but this morning, we woke up to sunshine peeking through the clouds...and snow flurries! 

Some in our area have lost power... thankfully, we have not been among them - at least not so far.  COLD air (20s for highs) and high winds today will not be friendly, I'm afraid.

God has been busy sprinkling sparkling diamonds in the form of ice-encrusted trees and foliage...and a dusting of glimmering snow for accent!  The next "mega" storm is destined to reach us later in the weekend or early next week.  Winter in Arkansas... it just is what it is!

Ice buildup on one of our windows.

Greers Ferry Dam enshrouded in mist and sleet.

Not a good day to sit HERE!

I love this gnarly old cedar in our back yard!

Mid-afternoon...the sleet brought mist from the river.

Late afternoon - sleet turned to freezing rain...mist continued.

Icicles on the bird feeder.

Icicles on "Injun' Joe".

Icicles on the chiminea!

I know this is not good for our pines...but isn't it pretty?!

Female cardinal - in fairness, since I
posted a picture of a male earlier!

Hungry woodpecker - not sure if it's "Downy" or "Hairy"!

Beautiful ice sparkling in the morning sun!

In the foreground is the remnant of a cedar tree
that was damaged in an ice storm a year or so ago.

This maple is absolutely gorgeous...all the time...
but it is especially pretty today in the ice and sunshine.

I took these while standing at the kitchen sink.  They
do not do this view justice.  I wish you could have seen
how these trees sparkled and danced in the sun and wind!

From my vantage point, there were several bright
"baubles" in this tree that sparked like giant diamonds!