Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had lunch at my mom's house today.  There were ten adults and Timothy.  Mom's sister, Diane, drove down from Fayetteville to join us.  I don't think I had seen her in almost nine years.  I messed up and deleted some early photos from my camera, so I am missing some shots of Greg with Timothy and some darling pictures of Timothy helping his Papa Lee load the dishwasher... as fast as Lee put in silverware, Timmy took it out or rearranged it!  And a good time was had by all!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Halloween on the Bluff

I have tons of cute pictures from Halloween, but uploading them on this blog is taking FOREVER... the new blogger upload device is not user friendly for vertical shots! Sooo you will just have to go to my Facebook page to see all of the cute photos. BOO!

Chili Supper on the Bluff

We had "chili supper" for my family one evening in late October.  We invited my mom and her husband Lee, my sister and her husband Mike, Mam-ma Polly, Jasmine and her boyfriend Jamison - and Timothy, of course!  We also included my cousins - the "Falls" - Janette, Natalie and Darrell and their children - Olivia and Owen, and Franklin and his wife Tracy.  We had such a good time... Timmy had never met Owen and Olivia, and he was enthralled with them.  Everyone enjoyed visiting and watching the kids play and dance.  As we like to say in our family... "A good time was had by all!"

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Long Time, No See...

I did not realize it had been SO long since I last posted to this blog.  A lot has happened since the middle of August.  Greg's mother had serious back trouble in early September that kept her in bed for about 2 weeks - and kept us busy.  Then I caught some sort of respiratory "bug" and literally lost my voice for 8 full days.  Sprinkled in were auctions, errands, visits from Timothy, a family dinner, and "life."

There have been a couple of interesting "photo ops" along the way.  We have a resident black squirrel - a novelty in our neck of the woods that is more commonly seen in the northern climates of Canada and upper New England.  He is a mutation of a grey squirrel, and we've seen him twice now - both times in the company of smaller grey companions.  (Greg took the squirrel photos - as always, click for larger view.)

Fall weather waxes and wanes on our bluff, and one crisp afternoon I coaxed Timothy to take a nap while bundled snugly in a throw on our back porch glider.  He slept like an angel, and I couldn't resist getting a picture!

Last week, we had a brief tickle (or was it a trickle?!) of respite from our better-than-month-long drought, as the tiniest of rain showers grazed our yard.  However, it brought more substantial rain, lightning, thunder, and this amazing rainbow to points just north and east of us.  I followed the track of the storm as it created a full arc of rainbow from just over Greers Ferry Dam to the Little Red River Valley and beyond in the direction of Wilburn, Arkansas.  It was an amazing sight, and I was glad my camera was handy!