Friday, September 11, 2009

Timothy's First Overnight on the Bluff!

Timmy spent the night with us last night. Mam-ma Polly has been diagnosed with the shingles... see my posts at The Deli for details. Yesterday morning, Jasmine awoke dizzy and thinks she might even have passed out briefly. Diagnosis... inner ear infection. So Timothy was dropped at our house about 7:30 a.m., on the way to the ER with Jasmine. He stayed until noon today. We had a great time. He sat in his high chair and played with some toys, and he also discovered himself in the mirrors. Probably his favorite thing was watching TV with Uncle Greg... they watched NFL and college football, NASCAR qualifying, and CNBC! Timothy will be back on Tuesday afternoon while his mom goes to algebra class... we'll be ready!

Monday, September 07, 2009

Lucky on Labor Day!

This morning I went out to clean my front porch. I have a metal bench there with an afghan and a large "quilted" pillow. When I picked up the pillow, it "stuck" to the afghan briefly, and when it pulled away, it opened this nest of bees/hornets/something buzzing! I ran inside and managed to avoid being stung. The nest is not as puffy in these photos because Greg had already sprayed it with something. I felt very lucky that neither of us got stung... Greg had just been sweeping in that corner a little earlier! Guess we won't be keeping an afghan/pillow on the porch again!