Friday, August 02, 2013

If This is What 56 Looks Like... I'll Take It!

July 4th, we celebrated our country's independence... and my 56th birthday.  Mom pulled out all the stops to create a family feast, topped off with a red/white/and blue trifle.  She decorated the table in red, white and blue... including blue and white "York Peppermint Pattie" bits.  See the video of Nathan trying a few - there is no audio, but it speaks for itself!

The weather could not have been better... we've had an unseasonably cool, wet summer.  Mom and Lee had recently finished staining a new fence in their back yard, and it made the perfect backdrop for some family photos.  We ate, visited, looked at old pictures... and of course, played with children until nearly bedtime.  It was the perfect cap to a really good birthday... and I think I shall have even more!

I posted several photos that are very similar, but the expressions on Timothy's face are hilarious.  And Zola is adorable whatever she does.  Mom gave her an old cell phone that they keep charged so it will light up... she hardly puts it down when she is visiting her great-Granny!  Getting so many people to pose well in the same photo is a challenge, so you'll see several expressions in each photo... some better than others.  And in some of his family shots, Timothy refused to look at the camera.  The result is pretty funny in itself. Click on any image to view it in a larger format.