Friday, February 20, 2009

February Picnic

February 18th was one of those rare winter days when the temperatures reached about 75 degrees. We took advantage of the day, packed a picnic lunch, and headed out on a hike. We walked down the access road to Mossy Bluff Trail and entered the back side of DamSite Park. Lunch was eaten near the marina, and then we hiked on over to Trouble Island. Hard to believe all of this was under water as recently as last July and August!

We "made an afternoon" of it and had a great time. The park was fairly deserted - we pretty well had the place to ourselves - our own private rec area! BTW - in case you can't tell, we just got a new camera, and we are having FUN learning to take pictures with it!

In fairness to Lucy, and since she was not included in the photos with Mabel the other day, I am posting some of her now. She is not a big fan of having her photo made, so I felt lucky to get these!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to Ruby Brake!

Ruby is my grandmother's best friend. She just celebrated her 90th birthday. Ruby is truly amazing... she doesn't look her age, and she certainly doesn't act it. Besides living alone and doing all of her own yard work, Ruby sews, cooks, and she just renewed her driver's license! Ruby works two days per week for Gladys, another lady who is in my grandmother's Sunday School class (and dominoes - or "Chicken Foot" - circle). Gladys is probably 85. Ruby cooks and cleans for Gladys, and she drives her to her physical therapy appointments and runs other errands for her. Did I mention that Ruby is amazing?!

Ruby's birthday was February 11th. Her family celebrated over the weekend with dinners, flowers, balloons, breakfasts, gifts and more. My mother and I wanted to do something special for Ruby to celebrate her birthday.
She is such a blessing to my Mam-ma. They visit every day - in person and by phone. Ruby takes Mam-ma with her to the store and to church on Sundays.
In fact, Ruby drives my grandmother a lot of places and does countless things for her every single day. She is a jewel.

While we were having lunch, Ruby told about a "Chicken Foot" party that another friend, Geneva, hosted for all of the ladies on Saturday. Ruby said, "I picked up some of the others and drove them to Geneva's. There were five of us in the car, and I was the only one who didn't have a walker!" We asked what she did with the walkers, and she said, "I folded them up and put them in my trunk!" Did I mention that Ruby is 90?! My mom said "I'm not nearly that old, and it frustrates me to have to worry with just your grandmother's walker! I can't imagine finagling with FOUR of them!"

While we were eating, Ruby said repeatedly that she had enjoyed a wonderful birthday - and an abundance of celebration. She said, "I may never get to have another birthday... you never know... but I hope so." We hope so, too, Ruby... we hope so, too!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Visit from Marla and Ruby

Marla Ann and Ruby drove down from Fayetteville yesterday to visit us and spend the night. Ruby is seven and brilliant... so much fun! We had a great time... ate dinner, visited, played Scrabble, worked a jigsaw puzzle, and watched Disney Channel and Animal Planet.

Ruby plays the piano by ear, and she played a great song for us, and we tried to learn "Little Brown Jug" and "Heart and Soul." Somehow, I think she will pick them out at home on her keyboard!

Roman and Griffin didn't come - it was truly a "girls weekend" for just Ruby and Marla. They also visited other relatives and friends in Heber Springs and will go home on Sunday.