Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Full-service Restaurant?

We apparently offer full-service and a varied menu here on the bluff.  Around noon today, the squirrel was back, making his almost-daily mess on the back deck as he shredded hickory nuts for a midday snack.  He leaves sharp shards of "shrapnel" in the wake! 
He seems to be saying, "I was minding my own business...
having a midday snack, when she snapped this
most unflattering picture of my backside!"
This little stinker (or one of his buddies) comes to this spot
nearly every day and makes a royal mess!
Now who is gonna "bus this table"?!  He leaves the same mess every time!
There was a woodpecker at the suet cake - not sure if he's a "Hairy" or a "Downy"...but he was having a great lunch.  And then, there were these two cute male Purple Finches, chowing down on black sunflower seeds from the bird feeder.  I loved that they were in tandem - and even looked away at the same time!
Cold, dreary day here...but the wildlife is active and entertaining!